MORAVIA Europe distributes a wide range of products. The focus is on all kinds of calculators. Common models, devices equipped with special functions as well as financial and scientific calculators can be all found in our range. All products come from renowned manufacturers: FIAMO, Fourier, HP, Rebell, Sharp and others.


With its advanced features, a high quality design, ground-breaking innovations and high reliability, SHARP calculators found their way into offices, schools and homes around the world. The broad portfolio includes dozens of models from handheld and desktop calculators to the printing and scientific models. The main motto of SHARP is: "We make products that others want to imitate!"

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The HP brand has been the classic brand of calculators since 1968, when HP 9100 model first saw the light of the day. Since then, HP calculators have become the leaders in the area of financial, scientific and graphic calculators and brought about a range of unique features and innovations: efficient data entry RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), reliable and unusually shaped keys "Rotate'n'Click", context menus and many more.

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Rebell brand products are intended for personal and professional use, whether in the office, the shop or at home. It offers the highest quality in accordance with German standards, and at the best possible price. The manufacturing process of Rebell products has a considerate approach to the environment and all products, including packaging, are made from recycled materials. 

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The FIAMO brand focuses on the development of models for science and education, taking inspiration from the latest trends and adapting to current developments in this field. The portfolio of this brand includes scientific calculators, financial calculators and unique educational calculators for practicing the different areas of mathematics. All FIAMO products are made from recycled materials.

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